Unicameral bone cysts: Current concepts - adult bone cyst humerus in


adult bone cyst humerus in

Simple bone cysts (SBC) have been documented to occur in adults with closed physeal plates, most commonly affecting the calcaneus in this.

Unicameral bone cysts (UBC) or simple/solitary bone cysts are benign fluid filled The proximal humerus and femur account for almost 90% of these cases. Around 6%–10% of UBCs are reported in adults in flat bones.

A unicameral bone cyst, also known as a "simple" bone cyst, is a benign long bones — most often the upper arm bone (humerus) and the thighbone (femur).

Unicameral bone cysts commonly occur in large bones, such as the humerus, near a growth plate. These lesions are fluid-filled areas and usually only occur in .

Solitary bone cysts are benign bone lesions that usually occur in the humerus, calcaneus, and femur of children and adolescents. When present in adults, they.