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—Naru Narusegawa Erotic Magazines, also known as Pornographic, Adult, Sex, While Keitaro keeps some magazines in his room, in Love Hina: Secrets at possesses various erotic magazines, one of which, titled The Monthly Amore, was.

Adult Su is a form Kaolla Su turns into whenever there is a Red Moon. Kaolla also returns to her child form through will, but in the manga she only returns to.

This is a list of fictional characters in the anime and manga series Love Hina created by Ken . In the anime she is the only one who could instinctively tell Keitaro and Kaolla Su's brother (cousin) apart . Though this is not explicitly stated in the manga, it is implied extremely heavily with the adult Su even kissing Keitaro and.

I was curious but does anyone think Love Hina would apear on adult swim? theres basicly no nudity besides one quick flash which could be cut.

Love Hina is a manga and anime series created by Ken Akamatsu. [After using one of Motoko's sword techniques against her] "You use that attack so often on.