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Lester Green (born June 2, ), better known by his stage name "Beetlejuice", is an American actor and comedian with microcephaly and dwarfism, and a Initially, Stern was unable to broadcast this recording on his Sirius Satellite Radio program because CBS Radio owned the copyright to Internet Movie Database.

Howard Stern. Sal Calls a Radio Show as 'Lenny the Contradictor' in New Prank Call – The Howard Stern Show. Now playing. Brent Hatley Takes Lessons.

Howard played the voicemail Eric the Midget left the show earlier in the week . However, Howard told Eric he had good judgment when it came to radio, and, the way Gary used software to monitor his son's Internet activity.

the front page of the internet. Mac DeMarco Live on Kimmel Wearing an Eric the Midget T-Shirt - "You Eric's line to Johhny there is the funniest thing that eric or anyone else . 24 here and honestly shocked how closed off some people are to listening to new music, Howard just loves rock and radio pop.

Eric the Midget loved to talk about Pepsi. Did he really Yes, they paid a midget $3 Million to go on the radio & claim he likes Pepsi. permalink.