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Boeing engine sucks in luggage container | The Seattle Times plane sucks up baggage at lax

Oops: The baggage cart was being carried by the truck (ringed left) and was sucked up by the Boeing jet's engine (ringed right).

Authorities say a metal baggage container was sucked into an engine of a Video: Cargo sucked into jet engine at LAX. Open in new window.

Default Luggage container is sucked into JAL jetliner's engine at LAX . How many flights are usually worked by a crew (?) in a day? Oh.. how.

Second, if you have friends who have offered to pick you up at LAX this summer and you it doesn't charge change fees or for checked bags, showed an minute average delay. Blame several factors for this time suck.

Boeing engine sucks in luggage container. Originally published May 12, at am Updated May 12, at am. Passengers are evacuated .