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Every summer in Vienna, numerous open-air cinemas show films on a wide range of topics. There is free admission to the Music Film Festival at City Hall Square, the Kaleidoskop at Karlsplatz, and to the traveling "Volxkino". At the annual Music Film Festival, Vienna’s City Hall.

Here’s a list of Vienna’s summer open air cinemas, complete with our tips on the films you shouldn’t miss! The Volxkino will be hosting pop-up film screenings at a total of 33 unusual locations around the city. Ah, ye’ ol’ favourite amongst the open air cinemas in Vienna.

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Music reading ability will be an advantage for this course, but all adult voices are welcome. Mozart the Pianist in Vienna: His Friends and His Rivals. New for.

3 euro), these free activities in Vienna would be better for teenagers and adults . If you're visiting Vienna and Schoenbrunn Palace in the summer, . Thanks to the Austrian Film Museum and Synema – Society for Film and.