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Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, the Full Faith and Credit Clause, . The clause's application to state-sanctioned same-sex marriages, civil .

Under the conflicts of laws and ‘Full Faith and Credit Clause’ of the United States Constitution (FFCC),[1] states must recognise common-law marriages when such marriage is valid in a sister state. It has been subject to judicial reflection in recent rulings concerning same-sex.

Most scholars have either argued that the full faith and credit clause does not mandate recognition of same sex marriages or that it does so for limited purposes .

that stands in the way of same-sex marriages in Hawaii is a final appeal to the . 8 Two exceptions are Feldmeier, "Federalism and Full Faith and Credit: Must.

the right of each state to refuse to give full faith and credit to any orders arising out of same-sex relationships treated as marriage. Thus, when a court in Vermont .