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Wildflower: Hairy Wood-Mint (Blephilia hirsuta), Montour Trail hairy mint

Description: This perennial plant is ' tall and unbranched or sparingly branched. The central stem is light to dark green, 4-angled, and covered with long white.

Blephilia hirsuta prefers moist woods and savannas. Its white two-lipped flowers are packed in tight clusters stacked vertically on lightly branching stems that reach up to 3'. Another common name in use is Hairy Pagoda Plant.

Hairy Wood Mint, Blephilia hirsuta, a common mint in my area with interesting little white or purple flowers that are in bloom from May to August.

Hairy Wood Mint is a native erect perennial forb growing with square hairy stems from one to three feet high with little branching. The leaves are opposite.

Some botanists consider Hairy Mint just a sub-variety of Water Mint. There's not even any agreement on its scientific name. There are also.