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a- The ring shaped dent or stretched area in your wallet due to a long period of time when your unused condom in your wallet in your back pocket has been sat.

It has in it a out of date condom and £ in change [bonus!], but now the wallet has a dubious and embarrassing condom ring engraved in it.

It's explained immediately in the scene: Phoebe: Hey! New wallet, huh? Chandler : Yeah, it was time. The old condom ring in the leather just.

How long did it take for that condom to make that ring? All three make latex weaker, so wallet-stored condoms are some of the least reliable. This rule goes.

More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. (about wallet) Chandler: The old ' condom ring in the leather' just isn't cool anymore. #FriendsQuotes.