Is sexual orientation determined at birth? No. - people are born gay


Biology and sexual orientation - Wikipedia people are born gay

A clear genetic link would suggest that gay people are “born this way,” as opposed to having made a lifestyle choice. Yet some fear that such a.

The 'Gay Gene' Is A Myth But Being Gay Is 'Natural,' Say Scientists But even if people are not "Born This Way," as Lady Gaga sang, at last.

It's not completely known why someone might be lesbian, gay, straight, or bisexual. Many people say that they knew they were lesbian, gay, or bisexual even.

In a recent Guardian article, Simon Copland argued that it is very unlikely people are born gay (or presumably any other sexual orientation).

The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research. . Hamer et al. found that the gay men had more gay male uncles and cousins on the maternal side of the family than on the paternal side. Gay brothers who.