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Urethral intercourse or coitus per urethram is sexual penetration of the female urethra by an object such as a penis or a finger. It is not the same thing as urethral sounding, the act of inserting a specialized medical tool into the urethra as a form of sexual.

The urethra is the closest to the front. It's the hole that you pee out of, and it's not possible to insert a penis into it because it's too small.

No, you'd typically put your penis in the vagina, or perhaps the anus (ask your partner which hole they want you to penetrate). Is your penis any wider than one .

Would you push a rod down your penis for sexual pleasure? Never insert an item that is not designed for urethral sounding into the urethra.

“The safest way to engage in urethral play (sometimes called urethral Also, inserting a penis plug or urethral sound into a flaccid penis is.