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How to Cook a Stewing Hen (and why you should!) | Brookford Farm cooking mature chicken

Mature doesn't mean old when it comes to chickens. The meat requires long, slow moist cooking to tenderize it, which means the hens are.

My local supermarket often has "mature chickens" on sale for about a third of what "fryer" chickens normally sell for. I like making my own stock and I am also.

Unlike young, store-bought chicken, older hen and rooster's meats are tough to eat. If you want to know how to cook tough chicken, use these 4 methods.

Any type of Chicken can be labeled “Mature,” meaning it was older than 5 to 8 months old at the time of slaughter. Availability. Mature Chickens are available all .

The first time I ever cooked a stewing hen, I grabbed it out of the freezer thinking it Our typical tender, juicy chicken was nowhere to be found.