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EmTeX is a comprehensive distribution, developed under OS/2 but working well under MS-DOS. It has been known to run under Windows , but not under.

Jan. 92 release of LaTeX macro package for TeX document prep system. Category: EmTeX is a TeX/LaTeX document editor.

For PCs, running MS-DOS or OS/2, EmTeX (by Eberhard Mattes) offers LaTeX, BibTeX, previewers, and drivers. It is available as a series of zip archives, with.

As a brief introduction for beginners the LaTeX brief introduction of H. Partl (in German) may be used; it can be found on the disk after the installation of emTeX .

The MS DOS version is based on emTeX package of Eberhard Mattes: the There is the on LaTeX by allsextubes.infoi, it is freely distributed in source (LaTeX).