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Remove bullet from list in Latex (Example) latex itemize no bullets

You can do this in several ways: for example, by using an empty optional argument for \item (as Jake suggested), or by using the enumitem package to use an.

Why do you want to use the itemize environment, if you don't.

If you have a list made with itemize, but you want to remove the bullet in front of the item, use \item[] \begin{itemize} \item Has bullet \item[] No.

I can't speak for any other setup, but I'm using Tufte-Latex on MacTex, and I just typed the following: \begin{itemize}[]. It worked.:) I love it when.

Latex distinguishes between three different enumeration/itemization The bullets can be changed for each level using the following command: .. Use this code in your preamble, remove the label definitions from your code.