- allergies to sex smoking


allergies to sex smoking

Increased risk of food allergy among infants exposed to tobacco smoke . sex, and at least one other potential confounder (yes) or not (no); (4).

It has been suggested that smoking affects the risk of allergic . Age- and sex- adjusted associations of smoking status with hay fever, asthma.

Allergic nickel contact dermatitis was defined as a history of eczema on exposure .. There was no statistically significant interaction between smoking and sex.

Key words: Allergic rhinitis, asthma, cigarette smoking, cohort . years), sex, rhinitis symptoms (better vs not better), passive smoking (yes, no).

Cigarette Smoking Hydrothermal Vents Rhinitis Allergic . Odds Ratio and Confidence Interval for Sex and Smoking Based on Univariate Logistic Regression.