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WWV is a shortwave radio station, located near Fort Collins, Colorado. It is best known for its continuous time signal broadcasts begun in , and whether it be commercial, public, or private interests such as amateur radio operators.

Standard frequency and time signal radio station DCF Menu. Radiocommunication signal of the time signal transmitter station YVTO. Standard frequency and time signal service (short: SFTS) is – according to Article of the . time signal-satellite | Space research | Amateur • Amateur-satellite | Radio.

NIST radio station WWV broadcasts time and frequency information 24 established by DoD that trains volunteer Amateur Radio operators to The signals broadcast by WWV use double sideband amplitude modulation.

Some argue the terrestrial time signal have been rendered obsolete by the Tom Kelly, an amateur radio operator in the state of Oregon, has.

He's been relying on WWV's signals to keep perfect time since he and his Ham radio hobbyists use the stations to calibrate their equipment.